Kyle goes above and beyond bringing perspective and value
even when not requested or expected - an outstanding vendor.

- Dawn G., Marketing Director, Financial Industry
You have answers to all my questions.

- Tim Gilmore, Software Engineering Manager, PDHI
We Believe That...
Disciplined, small steps in the right direction change individuals that change organizations that change the world.
And That...
Dramatically improving the effectiveness of your software development organization requires both holistic and incremental thinking.
The Four Areas of Competence
Architectural design and technology choices radically impact both the structure of the organization and through that, its effectiveness.
TDD, micro-design, even variable naming - the craft exercised in creating a system deeply affects its ability to be changed quickly.
Software is a team sport - how well our teams are structured and the habits they exhibit during the course of their work are a fundamental component of effectiveness.
Work Flow Automation
Often neglected, the automation implemented to enable development work is key to the performance of the software development organization.
A TechMentor Assessment will include a detailed look at your organization. We will do this both at a high-level and with an in-depth study in one or more of the Four Areas Of Competence. The outcome of this kind of engagement will be documentation of the assessment as well as a detailed guide explaining the most profitable next steps and exactly how they can be achieved.
Coaching & Classroom
From leading software teams to designing and delivering code, your people are the ones that make it happen. Taking them to the next level in one or more of the Four Areas of Competence will best position your organization to achieve breath-taking levels of effectiveness in software development. TechMentor Coaching and Classroom experiences will deliver this and more.
Often the best way to move your practice forward is for an expert to crawl into the trenches with you. You can learn and expand your capability while continuing to deliver the value that your business depends on. A TechMentor Expert can provide lift to your practice in any of the Four Areas of Competence while writing code alongside you, planning your team structure with you, or collaborating on any of the myriad of activities necessary to deliver your software.
No one can predict when an issue might arise that will directly impact the future effectiveness of the organization. Have a direct line to exceptional external expertise so that you can always make the best of the unexpected.
Faster Software Creation
Putting your powerful solutions in the hands of your customers faster will multiply the value you are creating.
More Innovative Products
Solving problems in new and creative ways is the promise of software development.
Higher Quality
Higher quality product eliminates the need to respond to problems - and it is quicker to take to the next level.
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